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Basic Server Information

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 06:31 PM


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==Basic Server Information==
Server Information:
Episode 6: Beyond Rune-Midgard (The Global Project)
x15 x15 x5 = Weekdays
x18 x18 x5 = Weekends (or If V4p Reached)
Server Type: Pre-Renewal Classic
Job Class: 2-2 Jobs
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 50
Max Aspd: 190
Max Stats: 99
Guild Capacity: 36/36
Disabled MVP Cards 
Disabled Mini MVP Cards (Ghostring, Angeling, ArcAngeling, Deviling)
==Client and Safety Features===
Andro Platform (Optimized for Android Platform)
iRO/RMS Base Server
Updated Gepard Shield (Gepard 3.0)
Full Capacity of Anti Ddos Protection upto max layers
Optimized Connection with Proxy Setup
Max Client: Up to 2 Clients Only
@Security Command ingame protection
Lite Graphics Plugin(@LGP Command)
Disabled AutoTrade
==Other Server Features (OCR Classic Style)==
If MVP is alive, PVP is on.
@quest System (Best for Party Leveling!)
Fallen Hero (Stay Online for 8 hours and get Fallen Box)
Hourly System (Stay for 1 hour and get Ymir Token, Note: Timer will not reset if you log out)
MVP Scroll Drops (Rare, Mythical, or Legendary) at 5% Drop Rate.
Leveling Guild Package
Vote4Points System and Shop
Stat Reset NPC
Old Payon Settings
Old Job Change Settings 
Scroll System Rewards
MVP and Quest ladder
PVP Ladder (With Announcement Setup)

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