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Changelogs May 09, 2018! EPISODE UPDATE!

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Posted 09 May 2018 - 01:22 AM



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Glorious weapon
Rapier and Holy Avenger Additional int Fixed.
Glorious are now tradable/storageable
Guild Capacity = 20
take note: You can have more than 20 members on your guild but
only 20 Members can enter the castle.
During ecall, if Members are morethan 20. Random 20 members will be ecalled.
Glistening Coat is now at Payon (Sachzna Laparan NPC) 150k zeny
MVP DROPS for Beelzebub and Fallen bishop are now added.
Cluckers event No recovery skill on payon.
Added PVP notice for mobile user:
Evil snake lord = gon_dun03
Ifrit = thor_v03
Bio lab boss = lhz_dun03
Added Healer and Buffer (+Repair items) NPC at Payon.
Added Autoloot Commands!
Episode Update:
Nameless Cursed Abbey ~ Third Story of Arunafeltz - add episode 11.3
Nameless Dungeon
Added Angel Scroll on WOE Reward!
1 pc per member
5 pcs for Guild Master
Contains Random Reward!
Rare item: Costume Little Devil Wings
All status + 1 Str + 5 Increase ASPD + 15% and Increase movement Speed + 25%
Location:  Costume Garment 



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