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October 10, 2017 Changelogs! (Monster Invasion)

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 01:41 PM

Old Chaos October 11, 2017 Changelogs!
Fallen hero Changelogs:
~Spiked Scarf
~Golden Anvil
~Helm Of Abyss 
~Dragon Arhat Mask
~Bone Head 
CHANGED Prize To Costume Jack Castle Bat [Limited] and Reset the EXP!
Additional Reward: 2x Magical Reset Stone and 3x GOLD!!!!
//New lucky box
Contains 1 Gold
Donation Shop Changelogs:
I Love China
Foot Ring
Small Devil Horns
RTC First Place [1]
Shiny Coin   
Black Devil Mask [1]
Chaos Points Trader Changelogs:
Aquarius Diadem
Dolor Hat
Addition on Aesir Shop:
~Ring Of Flame Lord 
Addition on Asgard shop
~Ring Of Resonance  
Added Gold to New Lucky Box (Mini WOE Prize)
Added Invasion Event
Event will start automatically at (Everyday)
0000(24hours) or 12:00am
0400(24hours) or 4:00am
0800(24hours) or 8:00am
1200(24hours) or 12:00pm
1600(24hours) or 4:00pm
2000(24hours) or 8:00pm
Npc will summon random Monsters
(Easy = 1 Monster Coin, Medium = 2 Monster Coins , and Hard Monsters = 8 Monster Coins)
Just kill the monster and you will automatically get the reward!!!
Remember: Skill will be disabled during the event. ( I suggest you use long rage class such as Hunter)
Monster Coin Shop (Invasion Shop) is now added at headquarters
RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Gold [1] // RARE!
Garuda Hat [1]
Pink Beanie [0]
Pink Night Cap [0] 
Pizza Hat [0]
Radio Antenna [0]
Shining Electric Bulb Hairband [1]  
Gelato Hat [0]
Triple Poring Hat
Fixed Golden fish in mouth description
Refiner is back to classic settings (Due to Classic settings applied)
System Back up. Improved System Security.

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