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Server Features

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 02:30 AM



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Server Features!

1. The MVP Challenge System:
If MVP is alive, the whole map will turn into PVP on.
If party has killed an MVP, characters within the area will receive 1 Aesir Token each, and if you're strong enough slaying MVP in solo mode will receive 5 Aesir Tokens + MVP drops! How awesome is that!!!
Take note that MVP Drops Have additional rare items too! Refer on our forum for more details.
2. Fallen Hero Reward System:
Old Chaos' hardworker? Have you been online for the total of 8 hours with or without interruption? Good news! You will receive items! And if you are lucky enough there is a chance to acquire rare items! You can also check how much time you have spent or how many hours left to claim your reward! Just make sure you have claimed your previous gift/item, because it is not stockable.
3. @Quest System:
If you love maximizing your 2 hours of farming/hunting time alone or with party this one is for you! Accepting this quest will give you an Asgard Token, Bubblegum or Elite Siege Box! Mobs that has been killed within your party area will also be counted on your current quest! But Daily Quest has 2 hours of cooldown or interval to accept the challenge again! If quest is cancelled you will now need to wait for 2 hours! Mobs doesn't want to go extinct too! 
4. Chaos Points/Hourly Coins:
Have you been online for 1 hour without interruption? You will receive Chaos Points and if you've been online for 8 hours straight without changing your character having this Chaos Points will enable you to buy items or costumes!!!, chaos points can also be acquired by voting. 
To check if how many hours you have been online you can type @rewards
Bonus round! Friday, Saturday and Sunday gives you x2 for Chaos Points!

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